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Freeman Security Services Inc.

"We Are The Next Best Thing to Having The Police"

RELEASE DATE 02-05-2020 Another Future Best Selling Book By Darren W. Freeman

This book was written for any person who serves or will serve in any capacity of Law Enforcement in Florida to use as a guide to understand the Criminal Law Statues that are dealt with daily, by Florida Law Enforcement Officers. It also for the average Person who wishes to gain a direct understanding and knowledge of certain Florida Criminal Law Violations and Statues.

It provides a good understanding of not just how the Statues are written, but also how they are interpreted and enforced. I have seen many great students graduate a Law Enforcement Academy and have great difficulty in applying what they learned in a book to real world application.

I have taken all the experience I have from teaching in Several Institutions of Higher Education from South Florida State College Criminal Justice Academy, to Polk State College Criminal Justice Academy, to Valencia College Criminal Justice Academy and the Criminal Justice Academy of Osceola (TECO), to assist me with writing this Book

The one area that I do love to teach is “Criminal Law”.

So, I will be taking you through some of the Florida Criminal Law that I know you will be dealing with on a regular basis. I am going to teach you about the importance of the words AND/OR.

You will be learning how to apply what you read and learn to real world situations

This book will help not only to a learning process of the Law, but to also assist after you have graduated from a Law Enforcement Academy, a great prep prior to entering a law Enforcement Academy and a great resource before taking any Florida Law Enforcement Exams or Interview for a Florida Law Enforcement Career.

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