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Freeman Security Services Inc. is owned and operated by a former certified Florida Law Enforcement Administrator and current Certified FDLE Instructor. This means our clients can feel confident knowing that our standards exceed the normal industry standards. Each of our security professionals are taught the most effective techniques of customer service/courtesy, area patrolling and monitoring of both employees, clients and guests on your property using the most proficient methods in handling any situation that may arise. They have all been trained and Professionally Licensed through the State of Florida. We also do direct Security Consulting as a separate function of Freeman Security.


Freeman Security is one of the Only Security Companies in the State of Florida to be able to run a Registration Check on any Vehicle from all 50 States. We can also do complete Criminal Histories on Individuals as well as *Active Warrant Checks on Wanted Individuals.

Freeman Security & Investigation Services was established in 2008 and since then has distinguished itself by its commitment to security professionalism. We offer highly trained officers who are dedicated to protecting your guest, employees, residents, clients and property. Each security professional is held to a strict standard of excellence in order to provide the highest level of contracted service to our clients. NEED A QUOTE CALL 1-800-959-0274

We here at Freeman Security have also expanded our operations to include PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS. We investigate Criminal Activity, Employee Theft, Background Checks, Fake Insurance Claims, Cheating Spouses, White Collar Crimes, Surveillance of Individuals, Missing Persons, etc. Www.BlackstoneInvestigativeInstitute.Com

Our number one goal is to provide confidence and safety that you and your customers expect from a Security Company. We feel that at Freeman Security, that “We are the next best thing to having the Police” and you deserve nothing less.

“He who does not prevent a crime when he can, encourages it”.

-Seneca- roman philosopher mid-1st century AD

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