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• Versatile, high-energy, solutions-focused Law Enforcement and Management, security services entrepreneur, and Law Enforcement and Corporate executive with the ability to balance strategic decisions and financial discipline with a hands-on approach to leadership – resulting in strong ROI, employee, customer, and stakeholder satisfaction.

• Verifiable success in implementing enterprise-wide Law Enforcement and security solutions, strengthening internal controls, solving complex Law Enforcement and security-related issues, reducing operating costs, maximizing ROI, implementing newer methodologies through creativity, innovation, continuous improvement, and strategic transformational leadership.

• Strategic problem-solver who envisions smart solutions and executes with urgency across all levels of the organization.

• Influential leader, engaging communicator, highly adept at engaging, mentoring, and motivating teams and individuals to improve productivity and promote quality work.

• Innovative thinker, who understands Law Enforcement Management and Executive Operational business beyond the numbers, possesses innate ability to drive operational excellence and develop strategic commercial business partnerships, and Law Enforcement Governmental Operational Liabilities.


♦ Protection Planning & Execution ♦ ROI Optimization & Impact Analysis ♦ Risk & Compliance

♦ Law Enforcement Administration ♦ Operations Management ♦ Project Management

♦ Criminal/Civil Court Action Advisor ♦ Private Investigations ♦ Forensic Analysis ♦ Law Enforcement Consulting & Training ♦ Civil Processes ♦ Internal Investigations

♦ Security Operations ♦ Vulnerability & Threat Management ♦ Subject Matter Expert


 Experience of more than 18 years with progressively increasing responsibilities in meeting and exceeding client and corporate expectations with Law Enforcement Command and Administration, Security Operations, Private Investigations, Vulnerability Assessment, Threat Management, Forensics Analysis, Private Investigations, Law Enforcement Training, Compliance and Risk Management environment.

 Demonstrated strengths in Law Enforcement Administration, security threat identification, process improvements, change management and facilitation of multiple projects while ensuring compliance with the law. Held Administrative Commander Positions in Law Enforcement.

 Forward-thinking and thought leadership capabilities, ability to see the “bigger picture”.

 Successful track record of personally developing and maintaining executive-level enterprise relationships. General Management of a Law Enforcement Agency.

 Exceptional ability to align and engage various levels of internal and external stakeholders and work issues to closure.

 Ability to multitask and keep calm under pressure.

 Process integration and enhancement skills.

 Effective organization, planning, project management, Budget Management and Development, and masterful execution skills.

 The Ability to Design and Implement new Policies and Procedures for a Law Enforcement Entity

 Exceptional Ability in preparing Law Enforcement Budgets for Organizational General Operations.

 Performing cost-effective analysis on Law Enforcement spending for all Departmental areas of an Agency.


Freeman Security & Investigative Services. 2008 – Present


Key Contributions:

 Founded and provided vision and leadership to the business that provides comprehensive security and Investigative services.

 The spectrum of services includes: consulting and training for Florida Law Enforcement Agencies, as well as individual Law Enforcement Officers and Correctional Officers. Consulting and training on a multitude of topics, including Criminal Law, Civil Processes, Training issues, Training Implementation, Training Requirements, High Liability Training Topics, Human Diversity Training, Civilian Review Boards, Investigations, and Investigation Techniques. Internal Affair Process, as well as Administrative Investigations, Agency Inquiries, Internal Investigations, VSA/CVSA Interpretation, and testing. Expert Witness Testimony, and Subject-Matter Experts, in both Criminal and Civil Court Actions. DOA Licensed Florida Private Investigator for Criminal and Civil Investigations Statewide. NRA Certified Firearms Instructor.

Haines City Police Department, Haines City, FL

Certified Full-Time Police Lieutenant, Divisional Commander

Key Contributions:

 Started as a full-time certified Police Officer.

 Promoted to Corporal.

 Promoted to Patrol Sergeant.

 Transferred to Special Operations Detective Sergeant/ Major Crimes

 Transferred back to Uniform Patrol Sergeant

 Promoted to Lieutenant, Divisional Commander

 Internal Affairs Investigations

 Budget Management and Development

 Florida Accreditation Manger

 Agency Policy Development

 Law Enforcement Training and Officer Development

 Expert Witness for High Liability Topics, Use of Force, Defensive Tactics, Driving, Firearms.

 Law Enforcement Adjunct Instructor for 4 Central Florida Institutions of Higher Education, which gave Free additional Training Courses and Classes for All Departmental Personnel and Command Staff, outside Region Funding.

Osceola County Sheriff’s Office/Osceola County Board of County Commissioners, Kissimmee, FL

Certified Corrections Officer

Key Contributions:

 Maintained security within the institution and oversaw the health and safety of staff and inmates.

 Identified inmates who have behavioral, medical, or other problems so that appropriate safety and security measures could be taken.

 Did investigations of inmates involved in illegal activities i.e. narcotics/other contrabands

 Perform general security duties to prevent escape, disorder, rule infractions, and harm to inmates, visitors, and staff.

 Responsible for the care, custody, and control of the inmates.

 Assigned to work Maximum/Minimum/Direct Supervision Areas.

Davenport Police Department, Davenport, FL

Certified Law Enforcement Officer (Reserve)

Key Contributions:

 Handled general calls for service, emergency/non-emergency as a


 Assisted other Law Enforcement Agencies during Special Operations in the City.

 Assisted with Special Community functions in the City.

College Instructor

2005 Criminal Justice Academy of Osceola

Law Enforcement Academy Instructor Polk Community College

Law Enforcement Academy Instructor

2008 South Florida Community College

Law Enforcement Academy Instructor

2005 Valencia Community College

Law Enforcement Academy Instructor

FDLE Certified Law Enforcement and Correctional Officer Instructor, Trained to instruct in the areas of Human Diversity, Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Driving, Radar/Speed Measurement, OCAT, BLS Basic Life Support, ICS Control Points, Expandable Batons, Fitness/Wellness, R.I.P.P. Restraints and General Subjects, Instruct CMS transition courses for General Subjects, Firearms, Defensive Tactics, and Driving.


Juris Master in American Legal Studies

Liberty University of Law

2021 to current

Legal Certificate- Comparative Equality and Anti-Discrimination Law

Stanford Law School, Stanford, CA 2021

V-Legal Executive Certificate in Business and Constitutional Law

Vanderbilt Law School, Nashville, TN 2019

American Government

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Executive Leadership Program, Strategic Thinking, Scenario Planning

Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

American Intercontinental University, Buckhead, GA

Associate of Applied Sciences in Criminal Justice

Polk State College, Winter Haven, FL

Louisiana State University Academy of Counterterrorist

Education, Baton Rouge, LA.

Polk State College, Winter Haven, FL


The Freeman Group of North America (FGNA)

Florida Concealed Carry Association (FCCA)

Florida Law Enforcement Institute of Advanced Training & Technology

Blackstone Investigative Institute (Florida)

International Assoc. of Financial Crimes Investigators ( IAFCI)

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

Tribal Membership: The Yonah Band of Cherokees

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

National Native American Law Enforcement Association (NNALEA)

Florida Police Benevolent Association (PBA)

American Legion, Sons of the Legion

Hispanic Historical Society of America


Criminal Law 101- An Easy to Understand Guide Through Florida Criminal Laws ISBN 978-1-7343911-0-7

Need to Kill- Identifying Addictive Serial Killing ISBN 978-0-9992619-1-0

The Tree Jumper: Profiling and Investigating a Child Molester ISBN 978-1-7335727-6-7

Darkest Hour- Not All That Is Buried Stays Buried Forever ISBN 978-0-9992619-5-8

GREED Wall Street Crimes ISBN 978-1-7335727-2-9

The American Natives- Still Marching On The Trail Of Tears ISBN 978-0-9992619-8-9

The Last Blood Lord ISBN 978-1-7335727-8-1

TRUMP- All The Kings Men ISBN 978-1-7335727-0-5


Florida MB Licensed Security Agency Manager

Florida M Licensed Investigative Agency Manager

Florida C Private Investigator

Florida DI Security Officer Instructor

Law Enforcement Officer, Basic Recruit (TECO)

Passed FDLE state exam for Law Enforcement Officer

Crisis Intervention (PCC)

Line Supervision (SFCC)

Aerosol Projector (SFCC)

Completed Cross Training from Law Enforcement to Corrections (TECO)

Passed FDLE state exam for Correctional Officer

Drugs/Gangs Identification and Investigation (VCC)

Investigative Interview (VCC)

Defensive Tactics Instructor (TECO)

Criminal law Update (TECO)

Instructor Techniques (SCC)

Firearms Instructor (SCC)

Restraint Techniques/Positional Asphyxiation (TECO)

Medical 1st Responder (TECO)

Restraint System Techniques (TECO)

Interpersonal Communications (TECO)

Law Enforcement Driving Instructor (TECO)

Radar Speed Measurement (TECO)

Sex Crimes Investigation (PCC)

School Resource Officer, Basic Training (Florida Attorney General’s Office)

Narcotics Identification and Investigation (SFCC)

Field Training Officer (PCC)

Human Diversity Instructor (PCC)

Straight Expandable Baton (SFCC)

Introduction to Community Oriented Policing (PCC)

Gang awareness in Polk County (Stat Attorn. Office)

Domestic Violence Intervention (PCC)

Supervising the Problem-Solving Process (SFCC)

Organized Crime Investigation (SFCC)

Monadnock Expandable Baton Instructor Domestic Violence (PCC)

Radar Instructor (HCC)

Credit Card Fraud (PCC)

FDLE CMS Law Enforcement Vehicle Operations (FDLE)

FDLE CMS General Facilitator (FDLE) FDLE

Certified NCIC/FCIC Operator (HCPD)

Multi-Jurisdictional Counter Drug Task Force (Command

& Control) (SEPSI)

Sexual Predator/Offender (SEPSI)

Background Investigations for Police Applicants

High Liability Trainers Conference

Metal-Tec 1400 Instructor

Metal-Tec 1400 Factory Instructor (Train the Trainer) Internet Crimes

Incident Command System Orientation (FDLE)

Law Enforcement Response to WMD (PCC)

Professional Law Enforcement (Ethics & Discriminatory Profiling) (TECO)

Edged Weapons Defense (SFCC)

Identifying Persons Carrying Concealed Weapons (SFCC)

Law Enforcement Response to WMD Instructor (PCC)

DOA Class DI Security Officer Instructor (State Of Florida)

DOA Class C Private Investigator Licensed (State of Florida)

ATF Firearms Interdiction, Identification, and Investigation

FDLE CMS Firearms Instructor

FDLE CMS Defensive Tactics Instructor (PCC)

Discipline and Termination: Rules, Policies, & Procedures

Due Process: Internal Affairs Investigations

OCAT Instructor

High Liability Trainers Conference

Internal Affairs Investigation, IPTM

Officer Rights in the Workplace and Officer Decertification

DHSMV Tracs (Train the Trainer) ASHI CPR Instructor

ASHI First Aid Instructor

High Liability Trainers Conference (Law Enforcement)

Effective Budgeting for the Law Enforcement Agency

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Instructor (PCC)

Incident Command System ICS 100

Incident Command System ICS 700

Incident Command System ICS 800

R.I.P.P. Restraints Instructor

ACTIONOMICS JCS Function Instructor

I.S.C. Control Points Instructor Certification

I.S.C. Defensive Tactics Instructor Conference

Certified Wellness Instructor

OCAT Instructor Re-Certification

Introduction to Money Laundering (SEPSI)

Introduction to Clandestine Laboratory Investigations (SEPSI)

BLS/AED Instructor Re-Certification

High Liability Trainers Conference (Law Enforcement)

Voice Stress Analysis Certified (VSA Examiner) (Orlando)

Florida Accreditation Manager Certification (Orlando)

First Observer “Trainer” for Law Enforcement

Homeland Security Certification (Haines City)

Certified Crowd Manager Certification

Florida Certified (Naples)

First Observer “Maritime Law/Port Security” (Haines City)

OC Aerosol Projectors Instructor (Hollywood Police Department)

NRA Certified Firearms Instructor (Lakeland Florida)

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