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WE GUARANTEE SECURITY CONTRACTORS Work!!!! The Freeman Group of North America and Freeman Security Services Inc., have opened a new 10000 sq foot training and corporate center in Winter Haven Florida.


The Security Officer Contractors we work with have access to our own outdoor private Firearms Range.   The training we do is geared to addressing our societal issues.  Our Staff and Lead training personnel have adopted the ideology of proactive security vs. reactive security.  We have seen stories of businesses providing security and the security just standing there watching as groups of people and individuals; just walk into stores and steal.  They do this calmly and with no hesitation while security officers watch in fear, or just have no training of any kind to deal with conflict management. Retail stores are closing everywhere. People are afraid to go shopping. 


In Florida, we have seen many security companies in the State of Florida run by individuals with no real education in Criminal or Civil Law.  They are a serious liability for anyone who employs these inept and substandard companies.   Freeman Security is operated by a Florida Law Enforcement Professional.  He has been a lead Law Enforcement and Correctional Officer Instructor for  Valencia College, Polk State College, South Florida State College, and the Criminal Justice Academy of Osceola.  Teaching Criminal and Civil Law, as well as what is called High Liabilities such as Firearms, Driving, and Defensive Tactics. 


We service many locations including Schools.  Our main goal was to help provide some of the best-educated and well-trained officers in the State of Florida, and we feel our programs give us just that.  We train hard and we train to win.  

Our Officers aren't trained to be victims.  If you need a REAL Security presence at your location, please give us a call.  1-800-959-0274

Florida  DOA School License DS 3100075

Freeman Security is providing Advanced Training Courses below, please call to reserve a seat.  All attendees to any Active Shooting will need to supply the Firearm and Duty gear that they would be carrying/wearing, as well as safety glasses and ear protection.  They will also need to supply 350 rounds of their ammunition.   CCW attendees will be supplied a Firearm, Ammunition, and eyes and ears protection in the cost of the class.   Class sizes are kept small so book your seat early.  

UPCOMING CLASSES:   ENGAGING AN ACTIVE SCHOOL SHOOTER:         March 22nd, 23rd and 24th, 2024  Cost:  $325                     

                                          ENGAGING AN ACTIVE SHOOTER:                         March 16th and 17th, 2024 Cost: $225

                                          CRIMINAL LAW SEMINAR:                                        March 30th, 2024    Cost:  $95.00

                                          FLORIDA USE OF FORCE SECURITY OFFICER:     March 9th, 2024      Cost: $95.00

                                           FLORIDA CCW LICENSE CERTIFICATE:                  March 2nd, 2024      Cost: $80.00


 CALL 407-507-3880, or Toll Free at 1-800-959-0274 AND ASK FOR Brian, TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT!!!! 




This is a picture of one of our Classrooms Training Facilities!!

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